A Word About Me

My Greetings,

Never really took a time to think about myself but then I realized what if someone asks me about myself? What would my instant reaction be like? Will I be able to express myself correctly or that would be just another embarrassing moment for me. Well, I guess there would be no such moment hopefully.

Well, if I have to summarize myself in a sentence, I would say “I am a guy who values everything”. I believe everything is worth something but then they need to deserve that worth. With quite an interest in psychology and never really pursued and studied it kept me just wondering how would life had been turned for me If only … ? But then Never Regret Anything. Life just goes on.

Currently doing Masters in Knowledge Engineering, as am keenly interested in Artificial Intelligence and thinking of pursuing my career in research field. Nothing much done yet, but it’s never too late to start so hoping that this day would be a new beginning. A beginning, I prefer to say when I realize what I want with my life and what I seek with my life.

With that said, I hope everyone has already realized how confused and psyche I am right now considering things I want to do and wish to do with my life. Giving hope is never an option. I believe everything is possible when you put your head and heart together. Sky would never fall on you but then you could definitely reach it. May be not today but eventually.

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