Dr. House – A Character As An Inspiration

Many of the people may not know who Dr. House is, but those of you who knows, are among the luckiest people to recognize such a great character. Yes, Dr. House is the main character of the most popular series HOUSE M.D.   I have been following this series for years now and it has also came to it’s shore now. But then, every good thing has to come to the end. And life just goes on!

Dr. House played by British Actor “Hugh Laurie“, stood as an icon and the inspiration to many of the viewers. For some he may just be an arrogant psycho who doesn’t listen to anyone or does his work in his own way troubling his fellows and colleagues. I am sure, those don’t understand or like his perspective. That means they still need time to realize; I am sure they will one day.

Speaking of myself, he is an inspiration who has shown me different perspective of life with different ways to look upon and pursue things. It is his sarcasm and perspective that lures me a lot. His way of caring, his way of treating people and his way of finding solutions to the problem, that is just unthinkable. It is not necessary that you look your life from someone else’s perspective but once you do, you find yourself differently.

I still remember when he tries to save marriage of his only friend Wilson when he says “If you stay here, that’s just the fight; If you find the new apartment, that’s a divorce”. He presents absolutely different perspective of caring. We as a human being don’t need no words to care and love, it needs action and this is what’s lagging in today’s world. People say words they don’t mean and people believe in words said. None care about the action made.

“Everybody Lies”. Indeed that is a fact. There are no people who don’t lie and Lies are so spread that even if people speak of the truth, are considered lies. We all lie just to get rid of anything or everything. And I always wonder, if we lie to people we love or care about, who are we going to tell the truth about.

“You’re a moron”, Of course, every one of us is a moron who don’t seem to live a life we deserve. His way of handling people and making them capable of dealing with things is just remarkable. His using of sarcasm on the fact which we find hard to realize is just amazing. People don’t realize what they have and they are capable of. They are one of the strongest being in this planet and yet they seem to be get fuzzy with all these unnecessary fear and emotions.

“Life is Pain”, Needless to say. Everyone has a fear within and feel the pain. The one who deals with it can live the life he wants. And yes, one does not need to be happy to live.

“Dr. House” as a character has presented different perspective on our way of living. It is indeed a fact that everyone has House hidden inside. The question is “Are you strong enough to be one?”

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