Movie Review: Argo

It is always nice to watch a movie based on true story. For me, if the movie is based on history then that is definitely going to be awesome. Likewise, Argo a movie based on Iranian Revolution in the year 1980 when a CIA operatives went on to save 6 Americans who’s hiding in Canadian Ambassador building after the US embassy was captured by the rebel. Actor/Director Ben Affleck seem to have portrayed the real characters and the real events very well. Events like burning the flags, climbing the fence are well depicted and the characters also did the great job trying to get into the real characters.

But then not everything shown is true and really happened. As a movie, it has sketched some of it’s own story, also taking most of the credits for the event when the actual credits should be to Canada and Britain. Few plots like chasing an aeroplane by rebel cars, fail of plan at the last minute and daring to continue on their own adds the emotion and sentiments to the movie for the viewers. The movie also portraits Iran only in a violent manners. The movie should have been able to confess that not always CIA alone could accomplish the impossible and carry on with the glory.

As a movie is based on history, the movie should have portrayed the real events giving credits to the real owners. Most of the people don’t bother to get to the truth. They believe what they see on the movie. So, the movie maker should have kept these things on mind. Except this, the movie is a must watch.

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