AI Debugger
The project had been carried out as a research project to develop a debugger which could find and repair bugs in C source code implementing Genetic Algorithm. The project is developed in Python.

Bluetooth Mobile Tic-Tac-Toe

A mobile game application developed using Micro Edition of Java. The single player version of the game is played against the Artificial Intelligence implemented. The multi player version of the game is played between two mobile phones connected by Bluetooth.

Sudoku Solver
An application developed implementing Genetic Algorithm to solve the sudoku. The application is written in C++ and the web version is written in php.

Online Examination
A web-based application developed especially for school/college to take the objective examination on a local server within the intranet.

Card Reconciliation System
A bank in Nepal reconcile the card transaction manually. To automate this system, developed a web-interface application wherein excel input of transaction from both Pumori and the ATM is given and reconcile is done so as to show the reconciliation between the transactions.