The research is carried out on genetic algorithm and it’s variant to seek for its implementation on various aspects. One of the implementation that I see is Debugging. I have created one custom debugger to debug the logical error in C source code and try to repair it which I presented as a college project in my Bachelor in Computer Engineering. Besides, I also implemented it in solving Sudoku and Maze.

Multiobjective Optimization
Since Genetic Algorithm suits best for optimization, I have thought of carrying out research on implementing it for Multiobjective Optimization. Since there is no one unique solution for the multiobjective problems, the set of solution is optimally calculated using the algorithm.

Shape Recognition
Currently, I am also interest in using neural network for object recognition. This is not actually a research but will be for me as I am so unaware of how to do image processing or use neural network. So, thought of one research kind of project in accomplishing both. How do human learn those patterns, those shapes, those objects? May be I could do the same with the neural network. And that’s that. Just eager to do one.